5th Annual Movember Mustache Party 2015

5th Annual Movember Mustache Contest 2015

Kapow! Noodle Bar & Dubliner Present 

The 5th Annual Movember Mustache Party located in Mizner park. Unless you have been living under a rock you know November is dedicated to Mens Cancer awareness. No body throws a better bash for a good cause than your local restaurateurs from Sub-Culture

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Independence Day - Fireworks 2015

This years fireworks show could not have been any better. Getting a front row section on the beach in between Lauderdale by the Sea and the Fort Lauderdale fireworks show allowed me to photograph in both directions capturing the amazing displays simultaneously. Seems like a no brainer. Last year fighting for a shot wide enough to set my tripod and not block anyone behind me was extremely difficult. Not to mention this year I was able to photograph the beach goers who were shooting their own fireworks off at the same time. It was like watching 4 plus shows at once. I think next year I will look for higher ground for a new perspective.

For My Photographer Friends

I set up my tripod about 10 ft from the ocean. I initially had my remote trigger set up for bulb mode but found as the show started that my camera was not firing. A quick adjustment of settings and a couple of trial and error shots and I dialed everything in. At first free standing shots of the fireworks looked cool but I was not happy with the perspective. Using the condos to show size ratio and perspective I quickly found this was a great way to frame each shot. Beach goers and their fireworks were only an added bonus I later found out may have been the best part. Setting are below and any questions, personal tips or experiences are more than welcome.

Nikon D810
ISO 64
Nikkor 80-200mm Dialed in at different focal lengths depending on where the action was
*I think for next year I will bring something a little longer.
2 Second delay
10-15 seconds depending on length of bursts