I picked up a camera a few years back and all the colors and images floating around in my head finally made sense.

Instantly I was drawn to faces, motion, body structure and even empty space like a moth to a flame. This was life changing. The whole world shifted into my visual cortex as if I had previously been blind.

Suddenly this tangible medium I held in my hand was a superpower to the soul. Capturing moments, faces & life events was great but I wanted more. I began shooting fashion, architecture, ad campaigns & collaborating with other artists to visually bring their dreams to life. 

My favorite thing about photography is getting to work with people who are passionate about life. Whether a family portrait or a sponsored event, when people put their heart into something, magic moves through the photo and transcends any still barriers giving the viewer a story to construct. It's that story & experience I work so hard for. 

In a very short amount of time I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people and brands. A few of them are below. 





Super Serious Owner and Operator,

Carl Dawson